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In the game of double dutch, two ropes are turned asynchronously, while a jumper studies the momentum and jumps in at just the right time.  

We are the jumpers.

The DoubleDutch Technique™, is a technique we developed where we balance timing, rhythm and experience. We jump in at the right time with the right experience to fill your project gaps, to improve your processes, and to ensure your project purpose and goals are on track. We have a recipe that can identify why any project’s execution, integration or functional process is failing, whether information technology or operational, and provide the solution and expertise to get it back on track. 

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We synchronize with your resources and understand your culture so that we can collaborate effectively while managing change. Your organization will be left with usable, clear, concise, tangible and relevant assets that will empower your resources to efficiently execute future projects and develop processes.

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Success rate using this technique

We are also certified project management professionals that can help plan and execute your traditional information technology and Cybersecurity projects. We apply the same DoubleDutch Technique™ throughout all project phases and processes to ensure the purpose and goals are always on track, without gaps and on schedule.  We have a 95% success rate using this technique.

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